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The Faberge Fiesta Championship

Starting with a Bang

Julie Berrie

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Trudy and I started the championship with a " bang " on the practice day.  I seem to remember we were wondering how to tell our sponsor - Kidderminster Motors that we needed a new body shell so soon!    However with a little help from Ford they re shelled the Fiesta and we were ready for the first event in time.  The car remained in one piece for the rest of the Championship. 

We failed to finish the Centurian Rally after sliding into a deep ditch, and spent a few hours waiting to be rescued in Kielder forest but we were in the company of another non Fiesta crew who had found the same ditch.  I don't think we had mobile phones then did we ?

We had a thoroughly enjoyable time both taking part in the rallies and the races and I thank Ali for remembering that 25 years has passed by and look forward to seeing you all again at the reunion.



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